LASER EQUIPMENT “LASPID” series mod. LS 700 – As per E.C. rules

LASER EQUIPMENT “LASPID” series mod. LS 700 – As per E.C. rules

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mod. LS 700 – As per E.C. rules

Supplied with N.C. linear motors on 3 axis,
the Laser Equipment LASPID series mod. LS 700 – As per E.C. rules
assures accelerations more than 4G and a max. speed of 2 m/sec.

Recommended for its adaptability level, the equpment is ideal either for
engraving or “raster or vettoriale” cutting.

Equipped with laser sources from 100 up to 400 W, it can be equipped with
3 different working areas, 720×520 mm., 1020×720 mm. and 1520×1250 mm.,
with a wide choice of options, the 4th axis included.

Such equipment has its place in several sectors.


• Ultra-quick laser with mobile table in vertical
• Speed: 2 mt/sec – 120 mt/min.
• Acceleration 4G.
• Laser powers from 100 to 400 Watt.

Structure: Composite aluminium gantry with welded steed structure.
Table: Mobile in vertical, stave or honeycomb aluminium.
Frontal opening slits for working plates greater than the table.
Guides: Prismatic guides
Transmision and motorization: linear motors
Laser sources: Sealed CO2 laser from 100 to 400 W
Focalization: BP 0.75″ lens, 3,5″ focal.
Mirrors: 3 Silicium mirrors diam. 1,5″.
Safety: Class 1, as per E.C. rules, integrated shutter


– X-axis stroke 720 mm.
– Y-axis stroke 520 mm.
– Z-axis stroke 190 mm.
– Passage between uprights 1040 mm.
– Max. speed 2000 mm/sec
– Max. acceleration 4G
– Resolution 0,001 mm.
– Repeatibility + / – 0,03 mm.
– Length 1580 mm.
– Width 1590 mm.
– Height 1350 mm.
– Medium weight 1200 kg.

Pneumatic feediong: Pressure: 6 bar – Delivery: 6 m/h
Electric feeding: 400 V trifase 50 Hz+terra / Absorbed power according to configurations


• Interactive numerical control


• Numerical control Z-axis by Brushless motor – stroke 190 mm.: ZNUM.
• 4th rotative axis with horizontal divider, 3-clamp jack diam. 120 mm.
• Smoke treatment and suction system by suction group TEKA LMD517 with 3 filters + active carbon filters (1500 cu.m./h – 2800 Pa – 1,5 kW) + double suction pipes diam. 180 mm. + 2 manual openings for zone selection: AS FUM.
• Table with aluminium honeycomb structure: NDA.
• Spotting laser with red LASER diode: LASVIS.
• Lens-holder with 2″ lens: CASLENS.
• Lens only, 2″ focal: LENS2.
• Spare mirror MR
• Protective glasses BOLLE for CO2 laser – 10,6


RO100W – Cutting head with sealed CO2 ROFIN SINAR laser that includes laser, control unit, cooling. Power 100W
ROF230W – Cutting head with sealed CO2 ROFIN BAASEL SCO20 laser that includes laser, control unit, cooling. Power 230 W

NOTE: The models are optimized either for use in VECTORIAL mode (constant trajectory) or for use in RASTER mode (bitmap image engraving by scanning).