Automatic movable table. Cutting panels mm. 4100×2100 (2200).
Included digital visualizer for vertical and horizontal cuts.
Ideal for Cutting Wall Panels, Roofing Panels, Insulated Panels.

Machine for cutting panels either in vertical or in horizontal, for all cutting needs, with the best quality/price ratio on the market.

For cutting panels either in vertical or in horizontal, made of:
– Wall Panels
– Roofing Panels
– Insulated Panels
– Chipboard
– Ennobled chipboard
– Multilayer
– Massive wood
– Plexiglass
– Polycarbonate
– Plastic materials
– Corian, etc…

  • Completely welded frame, with panel support table with PVC-profiled listels, that can be moved automatically in order to avoid the contact with the circular blade in horizontal cuts.
  • Manual deplacement of the upright with blade group to make vertical and horizontal cuts by means of manual lever. Manual governor of panel cutting depth
  • Digital visualizer for the perfect adjustment of cuts in vertical and horizontal.
  • Automatic movable table, with pneumatic operation.
  • Tilting device for support of small pieces to be cut.
  • Kit: angular cut device.
  • Mechanical positioners for horizontal cuts.
  • Nr. 2 wings for vertical cuts.
  • Lower panel supports with metal wheels.
  • Safety devices.
  • Instruction manual and service keys.
  • Circular blade.

Technical Data:
– Digital visualizer for the perfect adjustment of cuts in vertical and horizontal
– Movable table: Automatic
– Motor power: 5,5 HP
– Rotation speed: 3000 r.p.m.
– Rotation speed of the circular blade: 5800 r.p.m.
– Max. cutting height: 2100 mm
– Max. cutting length: 4100 mm
– Max. cutting thickness: 80 mm
– Dimension of the circular blade: mm. 300x30x3,2 Z=80 HM
– Overall dimensions (L x H x W): 5000 mm x 2980 mm x 1150 mm
– Packaging dimensions: frame (L x H x W): 5000 mm x 2500 mm x 450 mm
– Packaging dimensions: upright (L x H x W): 2500 mm x 1100 mm x 900 mm
– Total weight: 665 Kg. 

On Request:
– Increased horizontal cutting length up to mm. 8000
– Cutting height mm. 2200
– Special voltage

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