Polishing/grinding/squaring machine mod. BIG-1000

Polishing/grinding/squaring machine mod. BIG-1000


Grinding – Squaring – Polishing machine mod. BIG-1000,
with great working capacity: up to 2000 mm. height
and 1000 mm. length.

Electro spindle kW 2,2, 10 pressers. Fixed head at 90 degrees

The Grinding – Squaring – Polishing machine mod. BIG-1000
has been projected and built to obtain a perfect mechanical polishing, tolerance squaring,
prismatic grinding of metacrylate (PMMA) and similar sheets and blocks with patented process.

The BIG-1000 has the quality to remove material mm. 0,2-0,3 thick leaving the
surface of pieces bright and transparent.

Another feature is to polish great thicknesses, in fact it arrives up to mm. 200

The BIG-1000 series is built with a electro-welded, hardened and tempered steel frame
with such measures as to avoid any kind of vibrations or resonance.

Another quality of this type of polishing/grinding/squaring machine is the use easiness.

It’s enough to lean the workpiece to the frontal strike and the cycle starts automatically
pressing the pushbutton “start”.

All functions are adjusted by an electronic processor PLC, a servo control to
manage the brushless motor of the tool group translation.

Tool-holder carriage translation operated by brushless motors.

Powerful structure and use easiness.


– nr. 10 pressers
– nr. 2 front supports
– nr. 1 lateral square
– nr. 1 back square with metrical coating
– service keys
– Volt 380
– max. power kW 2,2
– weight kg. 1280
– min. use temperature -10 degrees C
– max. use temperature +50 degrees C
– max. relative moisture 80%
– max. altitude 1000 mt. o.s.l.
– overall dimensions mm. 2100x1100x1560 (width x depth x height)