POLISHING-GRINDING MACHINE “MECADIAM” series mod. MD 1600L – As per E.C. rules

POLISHING-GRINDING MACHINE “MECADIAM” series mod. MD 1600L – As per E.C. rules

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mod. MD 1600L – As per E.C. rules

The new range of grinding-polishing machines “MECADIAM” series (Polishing-Grinding Machine MECADIAM series mod. MD 1600L),
was studied on purpose on customers’request to solve polishing and
edging problems of metacrylate panels.

MECADIAM is composed by 4 models of different sizes to satisfy working needs better.

The strong and heavy welded-stabilized steel structure allows to have
no vibration in the grinding stage.

MECADIAM is an automatic grinding machine, equipped with industrial chuck,
is controlled and piloted automatically by the numerical control integrated in the machine frame.


• Rigid welded and stabilized steel structure of great thickness.
• Industrial chuck 3900 Watt.
• Movement by Brushless motors.
• Entrainment by pre-stretched endless screw.
• Single or multiple panel grinding.
• Grinding of panels greater than the table.
• Control by numerical control and touch-screen monitor.
• Software for control of complementary cycle working time.

Structure: Heavy carpentry enbloc to absorbe vibrations.
Table: Rectified steel support table mm. 25 thick
Guides: Prismatic guides.
Transmission: Transmission by high precision endless screw on X-Z axis.
Grinding head: Polishing head with 4 quick-hooking inserts. The numerical control of the equipment allows to selct automatically the requested workings: surface cleaning, glazing, finishing by synthetic diamond or finishing by natural diamond.
Motorization: AC Brushless servomotors 750 Watt


– X-axis stroke 1600 mm.
– Y-axis stroke 0 mm.
– Z-axis stroke 35 mm.
– max. thickness 110 mm.
– max. feeding speed 4000 mm/min
– return speed in quick mode 15000 mm/min
– resolution 0,001 mm.
– repeatibility of the Z-axis in mm at 20° C ± 2° ± 0,02
– repeatibility of the X or Y axis in mm at 20° C ± 2° ± 0,05
– length 2290 mm.
– width 1900 mm.
– height 1860 mm.
– medium weight 1500 kg.

Pneumatic feeding: Pressure: 6 bar / Delivery 15 m.c./h
Electric feeding 3-phase 400 V 50 Hz + earth – Installed power according to configurations


• Numerical control by 5″ touch-screen monitor with simplified programming.
• Manual or automatic working cycle.


– Side opening for materials with greater dimensions than the table
– Infrared protection safety
– Balanced tool-holder with 4 quick-hooking inserts
– ASP40 – Aspirator 4 kW capacity 100 lts.
– Steel support table and material sliding by balls: 2
– Head inclination from 0 to 60°
– Pneumatic pressers 5/7
– Comfort kit: simplified control progressive software