Static oven mod. KALOR-MS (mm. 2000x1200x600)

Static oven mod. KALOR-MS (mm. 2000x1200x600)

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Static oven mod. KALOR-MS

The Static oven mod. KALOR-MS (mm. 2000x1200x600),
was projected and built to make acrylic sheets malleable and subject them to molding
by stretching, to blowing, vacuum and templates.

KALOR guarantees heat uniformity on the whole surface of sheets because
an air flow was projected in the heating space based on air threads
instead of turbulence principle.

Such process in the opening avoid useless losses of heat and
doesn’t cause burns on the operator.
The tables supporting the sheets to be heated are assembled on bearings and guides
so that they can be extracted from the space, making easy either the extraction or the loading of materials.

Another important element of such type of opening/enclosure is that
the heated part of the door remains turned towards the heating chamber and isn’t source of danger for the operator.
The oven closes by vertical sliding of the door so as not to create a depression inside the space when it opens.

Self-served vertical opening to avoid the depression inside the oven, to keep the temperature constant and shelter the operator from possible burns.
The shelves inside can be extracted to otain a better loading/unloading of sheets.
The shelves can be completely eliminated to obtain a completely useful space, and recover bad thermo-molded sheets or insert templates.

The oven is supplied with a powerful electric generator to make it completely operating
in a short time; it’s even cheap because it can be separated in 3 amovible sectors.
One or more fans with great capacity allow a regular air flow inside the oven,
guaranteeing heat uniformity.

The particular air-thread construction – and not turbulence one – allows the
temperature keep constant and doesn’t allow heat flows or dispersions, avoiding
work drawbacks like waste of energy, and sheltering the staff.

Static oven mod. KALOR-MS (mm. 2000x1200x600)

dimensions mm. 2000x1600x600
generator power kW 21,6
n. 1 fan
fan power kW 2,2
fan diam. 700
n. 2 extractable shelves
Volt 380
air pressure 6 bar
weight kg. 900